Allan Thomson's

1947Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

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January 2000

From Allan:

         This 1/2-yon Chevy was bought new by my Great Great Grandfather. My Father even learned how to drive in it.

         About 15 years ago a bearing went out of the bottom end of the motor. The engine was removed, torn apart then placed in the box. I have now inherited the truck as I am an auto body mechanic.

         The truck is complete except for a tailgate and part of the grille.

         My problem is I do not know exactly what year it is. After looking through your site, I'm assuming it is early 40's.

         I plan on restoring it in the near future if I can find the money and the time.

         Allan also has a 1967 C-20 Fleetside in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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