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1965 Chevy C-20

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26 February 2007
# 1846

From Rob :

           My recent purchase from eBay. I bought this 1965 C-20 near Waco, Texas for $1250. It runs and drives pretty good. It has the original 327 and a granny four speed.

           I thought it would handle my cabover, but still seems a little light. When I bought the truck, I mounted the cabover and wired it. Everything seemed to check out. So I made a first drive to Houston on Thanksgiving night to be with my daughter and her family. Halfway there, I threw all the tread off the right rear tire while taking out the fender braces and wiring.

           A self talk at 2 am at Fairfield, Texas under a street light reminded me that tires should be on a checklist.

           With the spare down, I drove slowly on into Houston. A few mornings later, when the tire stores opened, I found that new tires were expensive and a little out of budget. After a drive down the old part of Tomball, I found a helpful young man at a used tire store. He said an 01 set of wheels and tires from a Silverado would fit my truck. With that said, be careful because the lugnuts that work for those wheels are lugnuts from a early Ford Mustang -- big shoulder and 1/2 inch stud.

           So, after tires and wheels, lugnuts, and three, yes THREE electric fuel pumps, (the rod for the regular pump was gone), I got back home to Richland Hills.

           My mini RV has been around on a few trips and I have made a second trip to Houston and stayed a few days -- trouble free!

           Well, I do have plans to replace the points with electronic ignition, add an extra battery, and some heavier springs. All in due time.

           So much fun on one web site!


Rob Thomas
Bolter # 13545
Richland Hills, Texas ... just North of Fort Worth

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