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Cool Old Truck

Rob Thirlwell's


Chevrolet 1424 3/4-Ton

01 June  03  

From Rob      

Greetings from Canada! 

Meet Elmer a 1951 model 1424 3/4 ton with a 235 engine, 4 on the floor and huge 8 bolt, 17" split rim wheels.  If you look closely you'll notice a siren on the hood and a piece of the running board missing just behind the driver's door. That's where a water pump used to be.  Elmer was a fire truck in a past life (actually in a couple of past lives).  He just came home this past weekend so I haven't had the time to go over him thoroughly yet, but he appears to have at least 4 coats of paint (which gives him that dappled, coat-of-many-colors look that is so popular these days).  Despite how he looks, he has no appreciable rust, not even the cab corners.  Both windshields are cracked, but all the other glass is good. 

I plan to make him my daily driver.  I'm not much of a mechanic, so I'll probably only do as much restoration as necessary to make and keep him street legal (and I'll probably paint him, too).  The engine and transmission run, but are in serious need of some work, the brakes do not work and the seat has long since become rodent housing, but other than that and a few other minor issues, Elmer is ready to head out on his next life as urban transport on the streets of Edmonton, Alberta. 


Rob Thirlwell



Curator "Rob - Very cool old truck!  Keep us posted on your progress and don't be shy about asking questions!"

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