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A Cool Old Truck

Scott Temple's

1965 GMC 1000

18 November 2001

From Scott:

     Well, I did it. The photo is my 1965 GMC 1000 (1002HF5669A).

     When I went down to Sacramento to buy it, the starter went out so instead of paying $500, I got it for $300 and a friend and I towed it back to Reno. A new starter and battery and shazamm!! It started right up.

     The engine, a 305E, must be original and has 36 years of oil drips and road grime. Has the original carb and air cleaner (ac cover even has parts of a sticker on it about the oil bath), has the original GMC AM radio, 4 speed manual tranny, and faded and a little rusty, but original paint.

     I've posted a carburation question in the engine/driveline BB ... it idles poorly, I think it's too rich (Reno is about 4500 AMSL) and I'm wondering if there is a idle mixture adjustment. I'm also curious about running 87 octane unleaded gas in it ... should I be adding some "lead additive" to the gas or will the valves and valve seats hold up using regular unleaded gas? There were bottles of lead additive in the bed of the truck.

     When I was in high school, I had a '68 Chevy pickup and the neighbor kid had a '63 Chevy stepside shortbox. Ever since then I've wanted that earlier ('60-'66) body style truck and now I'm really glad that the truck I ended up with is a GMC with the V6. That only took 20 years!

     Most of my wrenchin experience has been with Harleys up to this point, but that is going to change. I'm really glad I found your site. It's great.

All for now,
Scott Temple

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