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A Cool Old Truck

Stan Teliczan's

1968 Longhorn

07 December 00

Rare '68
From Stan

     Pictured is my very early production 1968 Longhorn. It is the only '68 Longhorn I've ever seen!

    While most Longhorns were fairly well optioned out, this one is a "stripper", with the only options being HD Camper Special suspension, cooling, power steering, gauges and AM radio.

    The drive train has been modified for "recreational use" as pictured here, with the original 292 I-6 having been rebuilt and hot rodded with an RV cam, Flowmaster exhaust, Holley carb, Clifford intake and headers. The original SM 465 granny 4 speed was given the heave-ho for a Saginaw close-ratio 4 speed from an 80s vintage Camaro.

Stan Teliczan
San Diego CA

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