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1965 Chevy C-10 Fleetside

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Ron Teed
"65 Chevy guy"
Bolter # 11948
Southern New Hampshire
01 December 2008 Update
# 1681

From Ron :

Well, I haven't updated you guys on my progress in awhile now. I'm getting there slowly ... too slow for me really. I do concrete foundations and work is slow, and has been for the past year. And since at the mooooment, this is just a project truck and not a daily driver ... okay, okay ... it's not really even a part time driver yet ... but it will be!!

I am doing what I can, when I can.

Anyway, here's some updates:

I have done some body work including body filling, sanding and priming. I replaced the rocker panel on the passenger side.

I'm doing all of the work in a field and since I don't want to set the field on fire, I used Lord Fusor Bonding adhesive to attach the rocker and the front fender patch panels instead of using a torch.

I cleaned up the motor pretty good. I painted and installed the headers and then added header extensions. So I'll be working on the exhaust pipes and mufflers next.

I also sanded and primed the whole interior [ pix ] to get it ready for paint.

I don't have the means to complete this project in conventional ways, but for me, it's working.

Ron Teed

Wow, Ron ... sure makes us folks with garage-space feel privileged! You man ... have guts! The nice weather will be here soon enough, and I'm sure you'll be itching to move ahead! ~ Editor

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05 February 2007 Update
# 1681

From Ronald :

           Well, here's an update on my progress on my 1965 Chevy Fleetside. It isn't much since the weather has slowed things down.

          I managed to sand and primer the hood, passenger (rear panel) side of the box, the cowls on both sides, and the tailgate. I did that to get rid of the major rust problem areas until the cold weather passes. I did all that outside in the field on one of the last really warm days in October '06. I was quite pleased with the initial primer I applied and put the last bit on in November!

          I also purchased a Holly 450 carb and installed it. I bought a used battery from the local scrap yard for a mere $10. That did the trick and my truck fired right up!

          I installed the new wiring harness for the taillights, up to the firewall. I put in a new headlamp switch.

          I have purchased and received new Rockers for both sides. I'll remove the old ones as soon as spring gets here.

          All in all, not bad progress just slow. I really can't wait for spring to arrive. I envy you Bolters in the warmer climates.

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25 September 2006
# 1681

From Ronald :

           Here are some photos of my '65 Chevy Fleetside -- from the front | from the rear. I bought this truck ten years ago in Colorado. I've driven it t to Missouri, Michigan, Canada and New Hampshire, which is where I live now. This was a daily driver for five years until I parked it in a field. I just didn't have funds to keep it on the road.

           Now, I plan on fixing that and putting her back on the road. I will be replacing the rockers (they are being delivered this week), the front fenders (including the inner ones), fixing the dent in the left quarter panel, and priming and painting the body (including the interior). I'll be doing all this myself.

           I have already replaced the rear wiring harness and put in a new headlight switch. I rewired the switch so the running lights stay on when the headlights are on.

           I have started to strip the old primer and fill some of the dents and dings. I hope to have the new primer on as soon as possible.

           This truck came with a '55 Pontiac Starchief lighted hood ornament when I bought it. It lights up when the headlights are on. It's not stock or Chevy but still pretty cool so I'm leaving it on the truck.

           I am going to paint the body a deep red color. I prefer Candy Apple but I'm not sure about that. It depends on cost and how hard it would be for a beginner to apply a candy paint, since I will be painting it myself. I want to paint the interior a silver, gray or gun metal color.

           I have never attempted body work before so it will be a challenge for me. However, I would prefer to dump a couple grand into this old '65 then buy a new truck.

           I am open to suggestions and comments so feel free to drop me a line . I'll post more photo's as my progress continues.

           I hope you like the photo's.


Ronald Teed


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