Walt Taft's

1941 Chevy 3/4-Ton Pickup Truck

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27 August 2007
# 2031

From Walt :

           This is my 1941 Chevy 3/4-ton truck. Six years ago, I was going to buy it from my Grandfather for $300. He said I could pay him for it later. My cousin started to tow it to Colorado from Oregon. He made it about 40 miles and got a flat on the old truck. It was a 1000 mile trip and he had one spare tire. So he turned around and took it back to Grandpa's. All he brought back was the front bumper.

           My Grandfather passed away two years ago and my Grandmother gave me the truck.

           Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted a truck just like this. I would be happy to just drive it the way it is.

           Here's a picture of the engine. I've got some more pictures on Web shots! Thanks to the Bolters for helping me identify the year and model!


Walt Taft
Bolter # 15517
Cortez, Colorado

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