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Cool Old Truck

Garth and GW's


GMC Firetruck

01 July  03  

From Garth      

Well my father -in-law and I got another one.  This time we got a fire truck.  This truck was used by White Sulphur Springs and then Anthony Creek fire dept in West Virginia.  It has 13,000 or so miles on it.  My father in law remembers it in parades as a kid.  It was purchased through the local dealer on Main Street and sent to Roanoke to be outfitted for fire duty.  

This truck is great.  It is all there except one big problem... No head. Apparently it overheated in the line of duty and the head was sent out to be repaired and never returned.  This truck was garage kept until about 6 months ago when we bought it...I know - "get it covered."   The wood is all original and as far as I know the pump and valves are all in working order.  Feel free to email me with helpful ideas on what to do with this gem.  I have a 48 Chevy that I am working now.  Look back a few months in the gallery.  We need help or this truck will need to go to a better home.  One with premium gas and carnauba wax hopefully.  

Garth Sweet and GW Lewis

Charlotte, NC and White Sulphur Springs, WV


Curator "Garth - Time to take out a second mortgage and get that old girl back on the road and into a new stable!"

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