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1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton


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10 October 2005

From Chris:

        Here are some pictures of Cletus, my '51 GreenMachine.

        I have been playing around with Advance Design trucks for about 10-12 years. A good friend of mine - Phillip Pierce (TrknGMC) has had an old truck to wrench on. I helped him purchase a 1951 one-ton GMC and I fell in love with it. It was slow and big but driving it was a lot of fun. From that moment I was hooked.

        When time (and money) allowed I began the search for my own AD truck. I was pretty picky as to what I wanted. I wanted a a 1951 with a four-speed and it had to be green or blue. The body work needed to be near completion since I did not have the space (or time) to mess with painting, sanding, etc. After a few years, a couple appeared on eBay and of course I would lose the bid at the last second.

        My GreenMachine that I have, I found online at an antique car dealer. This outfit focused on muscle cars but he had two AD trucks for some time. After getting many photos of the truck, we struck a deal. The first time I ever saw the truck in person was when it was delivered to my house.

        When I purchased it, the body was as it is shown in the pictures. However, the drivetrain needed help. After cruising around with a tired 235 trying to keep up with Phil in his newly rebuilt 228, I knew that an overhaul was in order. I stumbled upon a 261. Not knowing much about the engine, I did some research and found that they were a diamond in the rough.

        I had the motor rebuilt by JASPER engines, and to top it off, I decided to increase performance by adding an OFFY intake with dual carbs, and Fenton headers. The headers are JETHOT coated. This engine runs 500% better than the old 235.

        I love driving this truck. I look forward to meeting as many Stovebolters as I can.

Chris Sweet
Bolter #5035
Fredericksburg, VA

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