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A Cool Old Truck

Gary Sweet's

1949 1/2-ton

20 November 2001

From Gary:

          Just received this beauty. This 1948 was restored about 10 years ago. This our third 3100 series. Our first was a 1949 1/2-ton bought while we were in college (hint, the 1948 came out when I was born!).

          The second we bought about 15 years later when I chased a tree surgeon down the street and asked if he wanted to sell.

          My wife and kids all grew up with these. Our 29 year old son Jonathan learned how to drive when he was 12 on a 1950 just like this.

          Needless to say getting this baby is like old home week for us.

         We are having a carburetor problem with this one. It cuts out when the accelerator is depressed. Is that timing? Or air mixture? Or vacuum pressure?

         Please email me at if you have a solution.





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