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1959 Chevy 1/2-Ton Short Box

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Rick Sutherland
"59 chevy"
Bolter # 20941
100 mile house, British Columbia

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

08 March 2010 Update
# 2620

More truck pictures in Photobucket!

From Rick :

As I mentioned in my original DITY post, this truck was almost finished once before, but a fire at my shop almost destroyed it. 

I have probably built and sold 25 to 30 hotrods in my time. To me, this one is kind of special because everyone said that I could not bring it back after such a horrific fire. HA!! Don't tell an old dog he can't do something!

So after a very busy summer and winter working every weekend, I finished it.

As far as the specifics, this old Task Force truck has a 350 Chevy small block,  with 202 heads, 10 to 1 pistons, steel crank and Hooker headers. The transmission is a 350 turbo with a shift kit. It has a Camaro clip installed by me, along with a Camaro rearend installed on top of the springs.

For the color, I chose Screaming Yellow, with four coats of clear painted by me.

What is left to do: I still need to install the front bumper which I have on order and should be here in time for my birthday March 18.

This new Gallery picture (above) was taken when I took my wife out for a two-hour cruise and finally ice cream. It was the first time out with the truck since it was done, and it ran flawlessly. Sharing the maiden voyage with my wife was a thrill, as she has been seriously ill for a few years.



Good to have this update. Congratuatlons on getting her done! Great pictures as well. ~ J. Lucas, Stovebolt Curator

22 June 2009
# 2620

More truck pictures in Photobucket!

From Rick :

I've really been enjoying my time on this site! and would love to see my Chevy Task Force truck in the Gallery! Here's the story:

I acquired the truck in pieces from a friend who had them in the back field for several years. Once I got them home, I then decide which way to go with it. I had a 1955 Chev sedan delivery truck that I was growing tired of. I took the motor out of it and put it into the truck.

Being a mechanic, I then proceeded with all the mechanical stuff first. I clipped the front with a Camaro, flipped the rear axle with the Camaro unit, etc.

To make a long story short, I still was unable to acquire title on the truck. I found out the previous registered owner's name years ago but was unable to reach him.

Then, one afternoon five years latter, I decided to run his name through the computer. I was bewildered! There was his address and number.

I called the fellow the next morning and talked with him for sometime. He said the truck was last tagged in 1979. He's a retired RCMP officer and lived only one hour away. He suggested he could come up here and bring a copy of the title for me.

He did and we had a great visit. I had my title and a fellow car nut friend.

By the way, the next week he moved to Nova Scotia. If I hadn't tried that day, I would not have been able to reach him.

I have been working on this truck for two years, on and off. The truck started out as two long beds. I cut them down and had it ready to paint. Then my shop burned down with my '55 Chev sedan delivery and truck inside.

It's taken a lot of work but I'm close again. Sometimes it takes two goes at something to make it right.




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