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1970 Chevy C-10 Stepside

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19 February 2007
# 1829

From Sam :

           This is my 1970 Chevy C-10 Stepside and here is my gear-head story:

           I bought my Seafoam Green 1970 stepside on December 22, 2001 on eBay from a gentlemen (an absolute peach) in Birmingham, Alabama. It was my Christmas present to myself.

           I had been searching high and low for about three years for an untouched, unmodified, unmessed-with rig of this general era. The only modification it came with was the replacement of the original engine (unknown) to a '72 350 (which allows me to burn unleaded gas). Praise the Lord! It's got an original 3 on the tree, bench seat and the body has never been damaged, to my knowledge.

           It looks pretty much now as it did when I purchased it on the skin. Underneath, it has a new dual exhaust system, brakes, cables, lines, carburetor rebuild, master cylinder, wires and windshield. This year I redid the running boards on both sides and completely replaced the clutch system. Now when I say "I did," I refer generously to a couple seasoned mechanics I've handed it off to through the years. I can only claim my handiwork to the wood stake sides you see and an all season box cap (you can't see) that keeps my miscellaneous tools, straps and various odds an ends covered and dry in the rear.

           She's a weekend driver, with seasonal trips -- partridge hunting in the fall and occasional snowmobile trips to the mountains in the winter. Thankfully since she is garaged year-round, she has weathered the Maine winters just fine.

           I've been prodded numerous times to put a new paint job on her but I have to admit I absolutely love the dull green paint and the mystique it adds to the original nature of the beast. She's a delight to drive anywhere and at anytime.

           I learned to drive on a similar orange '69 Chevy with a 3 on the tree when I was 15 in a buddy's back yard field so I am extremely nostalgic about the whole makeup of the rig.

           My buddy Ned Stapleton from Falls Church. Virginia, told me about The Stovebolt Page. He put up his 1952 Chevy 3100 and is very proud as well. I am always available and willing to chat with any fellow Chevy-rasters who have questions about this era and what I've learned as a "constant restorer."

Sam Surprise
Portland, Maine

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