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Our Virtual Cruise-In!

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On behalf of the
Stovebolt Collective --
thank you for your contribution
and participation.

Gallery Submissions -- It's easier than you think!

Lots of folks want to see their old Chevy or GMC truck and read its story! Why? Because no matter what condition your truck is in, it has a story to tell. Trucks just dragged out of the woods, trailer queens, heck, even parts trucks -- ALL old trucks are fascinating, and the stories of how we find 'em, what we do with them and how we've done it isn't just interesting, they are helpful to others hoping to do similar things. So help a Stovebolt buddy -- submit your truck or project to the Stovebolt Gallery ... TODAY!

The Basics

To submit your truck, the basics are:

1. Register to use the Forums

2. Post in the DITY Gallery Forum

3. Include all pertinent details of your truck

4. Provide LINKS to images -- Don't embed images into the post. Thanks!

That's it!

The easiest and fastest way to tell the world about your old iron, is to post your story in the DITY (Do IT Yourself) Gallery Forum. You'll need to be registered to use the forums, first.

Once you are registered, go ahead and tell your old truck story. These folks like details so don't be shy. Let 'em know how you got Stovebolt Fever. Be sure to include the year, make and model of the truck. Include your general location (you may be surprised how many Bolters are nearby -- or pop up!) And be sure to include links to PICTURES!! Find a photo hosting site (like Photobucket, Flickr, etc.), so you can include a photo link (or many) in your post.

If you are fortunate to have more than one Stovebolt ... there is no limit (as you may notice from some of the signature lines). List 'em all!

For updates, feel free to go back to your original post to keep an on-going progress report of how you are doing with your ride.

We use to have an Alternative Gallery for folks who also had an interest in motorcycles, boats, planes, rabbits, wild birds, etc. Feel free to include that in your write-up. You'd be amazed how many Bolters on the site have similar interests. It's all cool with us ... even if you list a Ford!

That's all there is to it!

In the BIG Gallery

If you want your truck to be in the Gallery pages, we'll need more information. After you have done the initial write-up on your truck, email the thread to Headquarters. Be sure to include your first and last name and telephone number as we will need to contact you to finish out the story. Please include as many details about you, the truck, your interest in the initial DITY Gallery posting, so that when the Editor calls you, we only need to fill in a few possible holes to complete the story.

Farewell Ol' Gal

If the day comes and your truck is leaving home, feel free to post. We have some nice "farewell" pieces with some of the Gallery trucks. We hope the new owners will take up where you left off on the history and sentiments of the truck! (So, if you happen to have someone's truck that's already in the Gallery, let us know so we can tidy that historical black hole!)

No parts of this site, its contents, photos or graphics may be used without permission.  

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