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A Cool Old Truck

Roy Strawhun's

1955 1st Series GMC

Christmas 2001

June 00

     Attached is a picture of 55 GMC. I would love to see it in your gallery.

      I was visiting my brother in Houston, TX and he and I went to an old friend of his and bought what used to be a Pick Up. About three years later and a lot of money, my brother called me and said come and get your truck.

     He used a 1986 Chevy PU front end, installed a strong 4 Bold 350, a 350 Turbo Trans, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Power Disc Brakes, Cruse Control, Vintage A/C and a AM/FM Stereo Cassette Radio.

     This truck now shows 70K miles since it was built. I used this truck to take all three of my daughters to and from college, moved them out of our house when they went on their own, hauled gravel, dirt, rocks, you name it.

     I retired in 93 and drove the truck to Houston to make it new again. It is a real nice driver and gets a lot of attention. Thanks for considering my truck for your web site.

Keep up the good work,

     I also have a 55 1st series Chevy PU. It's still orig. (We've asked Roy to send us a pix - ed)

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