1964 Chevy C-10

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07 February 2007
# 1807

From CJ :

           I'm on the local Fire Department, FF/FR and IT Manager for the Fire District. One of my FF buddies was creating a collection of Chevy pickups. He had everything from a 1942 1.5-ton up to his 1992 Duramax. His emphasis was the '60's though.

           Then he got married and bought a house in town. He was busy selling and otherwise divesting himself of all his toys, since he now had no place to put them. He parked his '71 and '64 in front of my place for a bit. He presented the '71 to another Fire Fighter, then the '64 died in my driveway. The Rochester was messed up to begin with. Flames and the whole shebang.

           He came over one afternoon and asked if I wanted the truck. I told him my wife would have me committed if I bought another vehicle. She probably would have grounds. He solved that by handing me the title and saying, "Don't give me any money. If you decide to get rid of it, give me the first shot at it."

           He's keeping his Duramax and modified '68 4 x 4.

           For once, my wife didn't complain about a new addition. She's a Chevy girl. I figure it's the sort of pickup my son won't think is lame, and my grandaughter will associate with Grampa.

           The truck came off of a farm near here and got wacked in a rear end collision out on the back 40. It was owned by the farm, so it went in for frame straightening, a bunch of suspension parts, and a new transmission from GM.

           There is no paper-trail for the engine swap that was done. The engine is a '66 250.

           I've got lots of vehicles but the lines of this one are so nice. I think it'll get a lot of my energy this year. I tend to build inline sixes. I like them, and the space they afford fat, old tinkerers like me. My favorite color is blue, so it'll be right at home.

"Blue C10"
Bolter # 13284
Halsey, Oregon

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