Cory Stinson's

1947 Canadian-built Chevy

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28 December 2008 Update
# 1679

From Cory :

I have sold this truck.

25 September 2006
# 1679

From Cory :

           Hello everybody. This is my 1947 Canadian built Chevy. It still has the original motor, tranny and rear end in it.

           I bought it from my neighbor this year after watching it sit in his backyard and not move ever since I moved here (8 years ago). The wife gave me "THE LOOK" as I was hauling it into the yard.

           I got it running two days later and took the wife for a drive in it. While we were on our way home, the wrist pin walked out of piston and scored the cylinder wall causing it to start smoking ... just a bit. So I fogged the neighborhood for mosquitoes on the way home much to her embarrassment.

           I have since rebuilt the motor, had to sleeve in #5 cylinder, and I am in the process of fixing up the rest of the truck. I'm going to keep it all original other than the paint color and wheels.

Cory Stinson
Bolter # 11851
Saskatoon, SK

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