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1950 Chevy 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Josh Stibal
"Josh S"
Bolter # 7110
Lidgerwood, North Dakota
01 February 2009 Update
# 1935

From Josh :

Hello gang. I have been a little busy so I will try to give you a little bit of an up date.

The old girl's 235 is running smooth as ever. I have even been using it day to day just because it's so fun to drive.

Right now, I have a 261 lined up that I will be able to pull out in the spring. The engine looks good and isn't locked up so that shall be the foundation for a souped up six.

I'm in no real hurry to get the 261 built up. I'm enjoying driving her around as she is. It really is a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, I almost don't want to pull the 235 for the 261 (when that time comes) as the 235 is running so sweet. It's kinda like why mess with a good thing.

But I thought I would let ya'll know she's running real good and she's been putting on the miles.

I have some new pictures. The one above is at my parents during Christmas. This one is near the elevator.

Thanks for looking.

Josh [an error occurred while processing this directive]

09 May 2007
# 1935

From Josh :

         Hello! This here is my 1950 Chevrolet 3100 that I found in a field by mistake. I was looking for a fixer-upper. As this guy was leading me to a 1969 Ford Torino GT in his shop, I looked out into the field and I saw the blue roof [ pix ]. I asked the fellow to take me to that truck [ rear view ]. He wanted $500. I offered $400. He took it and I took her home [ pix ].

         Well, it turned out the truck was in really good shape. The previous owner was driving it 15 years earlier when the brakes gave out and hit a combine. It cut through the hood and cut the radiator. The PO drove it to that spot in the field and left it. The PO also had a 1948 3100 that I could take parts off of -- so i got a good radiator anyway.

         When the man parked it out in the field, he drained all the gas and put oil on the lugnuts -- God bless his soul! Now, 15 years later they came off soooo slick. It still had oil in the threads even.

         My Dad and I brought it home, cleaned it up, spent 25 minutes on the motor and she was running out of the original fuel tank. You would have to had seen me -- my smile was so big that my cheeks hurt when I drove it down the road the first time. It was a little tough without brakes.

         I did some research and I found that the truck was used for some less than legal things back in the 1950's which explains the on / off switches under the dash that were connected to the tail light and brake light to shut them off. I thought it was neat.

         It should take me three to five years to restore it but it will be worth it. It's getting an all out restoration my way. I will be keeping the switches connected to the tail and brake light. Also, I will be adding dual intake and split headers with Smithy's glasspacks. Everything else will be original.

         Don't worry about me being in the doghouse over this truck. My fiancee' is so supportive that we get to drive off from the wedding this summer in the above condition. I guess i could say I'm one of the lucky ones.

Thank you,

Josh Stibal


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