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A Cool Old Truck

Stacy Stetz and Jim Shiflet

1942 Chevy 1/2-ton

9 November 02

Another update from Stacy

    It is just about done! Our father-daughter project. Not too bad for us never doing this before. We had fun lots of laughs and stress but most of all it was lots of fun.

Curator "Looks like you guys have made great progress!"

25 December 00

Another update from Stacy

     Here are some pics of my 5 year old son Dylan helping work on the truck. As you can see he is a truck motorhead.

You just can't start 'em too early, ya know! -- editor


1 November 00
An update from Stacy



   I love what you did with our story. The "ole boy" looks great. Our nickname for the truck is Clyde since my folks have a 1931 Chevy Special Sedan ("Bonnie"). She looks like the cars Bonnie and Clyde drove even though they preferred Fords (no wonder they got caught it probably quit on them).
   Today, I realized what a motorhead/bolthead I have become. My husband was telling not to let him forget the grill. I thought he was talking about the grille to the truck. He said "No, the bbq grill!" Guess I am really hooked. Stacy

Stacy Stetz and Jim Shiflet


Stacy, There's a lot of 'Bolters out there that are glad to see you are bringing your son up right ... a motor-head in the making! -- ed

Originally from the
Father/Daughter Project

This is more than a hobby

July 00
From Stacy

     My Dad bought me this 1942 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup. As you can see, it was left unloved in a field of an antique collector. It still has a long way to before it is pretty, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Seeing the progress is very rewarding and all the nice comments and encouragement from our car club members helps.

    Thank you for putting my truck on your web site. My dad and I are enjoying this truck very much. It's mostly a Father/Daughter project but my husband helps on it as well. And my 4 year old motor head son helps out as well.

    The pics we sent are the pic of the truck in the field were we found it. The other is a pic (above) of us working on it. One day you will get a pic of it done.

    We plan on painting it candy brandy wine with the fenders and running boards done in black. We are rookies in restoring car/trucks but we plan on doing it all ourselves.We will keep you posted I plan on visiting your site a lot and have already told several people about it.

Stacy Stetz and Jim Shiflet

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