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Jason and Christy's

1947 and 1948 Chevies

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15 June 2001

From Jason:

     These are some pictures that were taken last Saturday. We got married May 19th and those are pictures at my folk's farm after the reception.

     I thought that they would be interesting pics for the gallery. We also took pictures(above) with the whole wedding party in and around the truck. It was a beautiful day and everything went without a hitch. Thanks for posting the pics.

     The blue one is a '48 Chevy with a '53 302 GMC, 600 cfm Holley, Clifford headers, Mallory unilite, 4 speed saginaw, and 3.08 12 bolt rear.

     The green truck belongs to my wife Christina. It is a '47 Chevy with a 302 GMC and stock drivetrain.



Jason Sternhagen



Jason and Christy were the Feature Story for the September 2001 Newsletter ... this is cool news!


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