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1957 GMC 2-Ton 350 LCF

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by James Stepp
"speed 6351"
Bolter # 6150
Elko, Nevada

Talking about this truck
in BIG BOLTS Forum


October 2013 Update
# 2823

I sold my '57 GMC 2 Ton LCF dump to my neighbor. He needs it for developing some rental properties next summer. (Plus,he just REALLY likes it.) ~ Speed

20 September 2010
# 2823

From James :

Here is my 1957 GMC 350 LCF dump truck. This truck was a freebie I picked up while I was in Reno working on my 1945 Mack, getting it ready to drive home.

You probably remember my story on the trip from Reno to Elko, Nevada towing my 1962 one ton. Anyway, I saw an ad on Craigslist in the "Free" section that said simply "Dump truck" and a phone number. I called the number and asked if the truck was still available, and the voice said it was. I said "I want it. Where can I pick it up?" The owner said, "Now wait a minute! Before you commit, go look at it, and call me back if you're still interested."

He told me where it was located. Dutch and I drove down to the lot where it was parked, in the industrial part of Reno. It was getting dark, but I could see it pretty well. All I could see wrong with it was a broken out driver's window, cracked windshield and at least three flat tires.

I called the owner back and told him "I'm standing here looking at it, and I still want it." He told me to meet him at the lot in the morning.

The next day, we met up and he wanted to know how I planned to move it. I told him we'd pull it up to Sun Valley with my Brother's truck. He told me, "This truck is really, really heavy. You're not gonna be able to move it with a pick up truck." I told him not to worry about it. I'm used to doing this sort of stuff and it wouldn't be a problem.

I asked if he had a title for it. He said, "Right here in my shirt pocket." I reached for it, and he stepped back and said, "But you're not getting it until I verify that it's gone from here. I'm not gonna have you guys cherry-pick it and leave a hulk for me to dispose of. I still don't think you'll be able to move it. I've been trying to give it away since 1993, and you'll notice it's still here."

I told him, "If I say I'll do something, I'll either do it or die trying." It took us three days of pulling wheels off, getting them aired up, and ready to roll.

Dutch's one ton truck was able to tow the dump truck up to Sun Valley without much trouble except for one stop light where we had to stop on a fairly steep up-hill grade. The smell of the one ton's burnt clutch lingered for quite a while after that. I stored the GMC in another friend's back yard, and called the owner to meet me near there. He followed me to where the truck was stored. I pointed it out. When he saw it safely behind the fence, he couldn't believe it. He signed off on the title and handed it to me.

I left it there and drove the Mack back to Elko. I then arranged transport for the GMC for later in the year with a guy I did work for. I finally did get it home.

Currently, it has a froze up 270 in it, but I have a running 292 Chevy six I'll soon be installing. But, that will be after I get my two other project trucks a little more operable.


Speed has a lot of trucks (you can see those listed in his profile!); coming and going. In the Gallery he has a 1952 Chevy 6400 Dump Truck, a 1954 GMC 350 Flatbed, and a 1957 GMC 100. He had a 1962 Chevrolet C-30 that is still in the Gallery but no longer with us and he recently sold his 1957 GMC 2-Ton 350 Low Cab Forward Dump Truck.


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