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21 October 2013
# 3033

Owned by
James Stepp
"speed 6351"
Bolter # 6150
Elko, Nevada

1954 GMC 350 Flatbed


More pictures of my old truck



From Speed :

A few years ago, I traded a 1974 Ford pickup truck for a 1954 GMC 350 flatbed. The GMC already had been upgraded with a 302 in place of the 270. It also had a Clark 5 speed with overdrive that replaced the original SM420, and a 5531 Brown-Lipe with overdrive.

The previous owner never did anything with the truck. It was probably the owner before him who had it retro-fitted to the hilt. He must have really worked the truck hard with all that over-drive gear.

That guy left the truck on the property and it conveyed when he sold the place. The seller I dealt with had me there hauling out a bunch of stuff from the property. Initially, I missed this GMC truck! When I checked it out, I offered the guy my '74 and he agreed. The next haul out was my '54!

The guy did not have a title for the truck but turns out, I couldn't find the title for the '74 either.

The truck has a vacuum shifted 2 speed axle which I'm hoping to swap for an electric shifted version of the same axle later this year.

I'm currently upgrading it to a dual reservoir master cylinder and regular power brake system. Right now, the master cylinder is all apart. Once I get the brakes done, I can use the truck anytime I want.

I've already done a few things to it -- installed an 85 amp alternator and volt meter, a tach, electric wipers, front tow hooks off a Mack truck, cool looking fog lights, cab marker lights and a stack.

I also had a welder add a hitch to it. I think I can pull the Queen Mary -- if they need me to.

I do have a lot of stuff I haul so this will go to work doing that. I have a hoist to do all the loading (it needs repair at the moment).

I have a friend in Idaho who is bringing me some used tires for it, in exchange for some work I did for him. I really want to get some new tires for it when I'm ready to put the old truck to work.

I re-wooded the deck. I'm not impressed by my work but it does the job. I'll do it better next time.

I think a rebuild of the 302 will be needed soon as it doesn't quite have the power to carry both overdrives on the highway ... even empty.

Most recently, I negotiated a deal on a 1952 Chevy 6400 dump truck. It's in relatively good shape -- NO rust out! But the engine's stuck, the clutch won't release, the drive shaft for the hydraulic pump is gone, the cover plate for the transmission is gone, everything in the windshield wipers group is gone, the E brake was disconnected, and the brakes don't even try to work. But for the price, it's great!

I keep notes of the stuff I need - not only with the trucks, but the equipment, what friends are looking for, need, want. Sometimes I get in such a hurry, I can't read my notes. I stay busy with all this. It seems that once you OWN something, the network starts. Anyone who knows where stuff is that you might need or be interested in, they get in touch. You become more aware of all this great stuff around you, too. It all seems to come together -- eventually.

I LOVE driving and I really enjoy hauling for folks. I have covered a lot of the country, and have come across some interesting stuff in all these travels ... and interesting people.

I have one friend who wants to use the truck when it's ready. She's got a bunch of trash to move. She use to work on a construction site in Alaska and can drive just about anything.

This GMC will be a blast to drive on the highway. No synchros whatsoever.


Speed has a lot of trucks (you can see those listed in his profile!); coming and going. In the Gallery he has a 1952 Chevy 6400 Dump Truck, a 1954 GMC 350 Flatbed, and a 1957 GMC 100. He had a 1962 Chevrolet C-30 that is still in the Gallery but no longer with us and he recently sold his 1957 GMC 2-Ton 350 Low Cab Forward Dump Truck.


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