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Cool Old Truck

Chad Stellwagon's


Chevrolet 3600 5-Window Deluxe

16 March  03  

From Chad 

I managed to acquire this truck about 2 months ago.  It’s a 1954 Chevy 5 window 3600 deluxe.  My surrogate father/best buddy had it in storage for about 4 years.  A neighbor down the street had it and would drive it through the community every now and then.  My surrogate dad’s friend bought it and stored it at his garage and never did anything with it.  My surrogate dad decided to buy it from his friend and restore the truck after he got done with his other street rod.  Well, the truck changed ownership between the two of them about 4 times and then it was my turn to get in the mix.  I traded a perfect 1986 Olds Cutlass I received from my grandma after she passed away back in last November and made a deal with my surrogate dad that we would swap the 54 for the Olds. 

The 54 is in excellent shape for being almost twice as old as I am.  No rust or heavy body damage, just a few dings for me to straighten out.  When I received it, it had been started to be street rodded out.  Some one jury rigged the 10 bolt rear in it and lowered it at the same time.  I have since straightened out all that mess and have c-notched and boxed the rear of the frame and will be POR15’ing the frame as soon as we get a break in this frigid weather we are having.  Just installed the 3” drop monoleaf springs in the front.  Future plans are a small block and auto transmission and front disc brakes.  I owe all my knowledge to my surrogate father; he is the one that has taught me all this stuff.  It’s great to have people that want to pass down information and teach traits such as the ones he has taught me.

My grandma new I was a fan of old cars and trucks and had been looking for something for quite some time.  She told me I always reminded her of my Grandpa due to the fact that I was always digging in old cars and working in the garage with my buddies.  He was a mechanic and drove weapons carriers in the Navy and afterwards in Long Island.  He named all his trucks “Audrey” after his loving wife and painted her name across the front of every Power Wagon he drove.

I am going for the 50’s vintage hot rod look.  Flat black primer with red steelies and get it as close to the ground as possible.  I want to leave as much of the truck original as possible.  The interior is not being changed at all, just painted to match the color scheme of exterior.  I have always wished  I could have been my age back in the 50’s and this will be as close as I’m ever going to get to it and as for her name;  “AUDREY” will be displayed on her somewhere and be rolling down the street hopefully this summer.  A thank you to all you folks at the Stovebolt, you have given me a great deal of inspiration in working on this truck!

Chad Stellwagen

Operations Manager

Severn Boats

Curator "Looks like you are off to a good start - keep those progress pictures coming."

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