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A Cool Old Truck

Andy Stanhope's

1966 1/2-Ton Chevy

18 June 2004

From Andy:     

          My name is Andy Stanhope - Limey C10 - and I live on the east coast of the UK, the humpy round bit. I bought my '66 about a year ago and paid far to much money than it is probably worth. But these old trucks do make big money over here.

          The truck was brought into this country new by the USAF and was sold on in '72. The paint under the horrible hand painted green is bright yellow so I'm guessing it was used on some kind of run way work. Since then it has lead a hard life with the last owner totally abusing her and performing some very iffy work to keep her going -- some of it even dangerous.

          It came to me with an Iveco 4 pot diesel engine that has since died and I will be replacing it with a F*rd diesel unit (sorry guys but this is the best diesel available around these parts) for economy. There is a lot of body work to be sorted out and as it's an up hill challenge trying to get parts over here. So much of it will have to be repaired or, as is the case with the tail gate and stake pockets, fabricated from scratch.

          It is going to be a long struggle to make the truck good again but I am determined to do it if only to prove to my wife that it wasn't a waste of money.

          The pics are as I bought it and the artwork is a sketch I did of how I want her to look one day.

          Many thanks to you and the rest of the guys on here for a more than interesting site - I feel at home.

Andy (Limey C10)


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