Ben Stage's

1965 Chevy Stepside

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17 August 2005

From Ben: 


       Here is my truck -- a 1965 Chevy Stepside with a 230, I believe. I just got it this weekend so these are the "before" pics.

       I bought it from my father-in-law for $700. I have no idea where he got it. It appeared in his driveway last summer and I pestered him at every opportunity to sell it to me. What else can I tell you?

       Everything is original on it at this point, even the rotted out wood bed, I believe. Well, the wheels are new and someone put in a tapedeck about 10 years ago. So, other than that it's original.

       Only a few spots that are rusted thru the metal in the obvious spots (fenders, and on bottom lip of the hood).

       I guess thats all I know about the truck at the moment, wish I could tell you more but I'm learning as I go.

       Thanks a ton for the website. It's already given me a bunch of information.

Ben Stage
Birmingham, AL

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