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Cool Old Truck

Gary Stack's


Gary has a '39 and '41 in his stable.

22 August  03  

From Gary 

My name is Gary Stacks , these are a couple of pictures of my toys. The red and black truck is a 1939 GMC, when I got this truck it was a basket case, I have had it for about eleven years and its still not done.Yes it has a Chevy grill, GMC grills are hard to find but maybe one day.It sits on a 1980 C10 short whreel base frame,P.S. ,P.D.B. The rear end was moved forward 2 inches and the motor was moved back 6 inches, It has a 350 and automatic. Its a lot of fun to drive,




The other truck is a 1941 GMC, just got it. Had it shipped to Florida from Kansas, RUST FREE, its gonna be fun.Its a one ton, all original,I think, not sure about the motor yet.Hope to try starting it soon.I plan to keep it as origional as possible.

Thanks very much


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