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A Cool Old Truck

Buddy Squyres'

1955 GMC

21 February 2002

From Buddy:

     Stovebolters, I discovered your site about 1 1/2 years ago in "This Old Truck" magazine. I was so impressed and happy to find a place to look, swap, and talk. I had 4 trucks (1950, '55,'59 & '64). Each in some form of restoration.

     After a bout of bad health and determining that I couldn't work on them all, I decided to let one go (the '55). It was the third truck I bought. It was a gift for my 13 year old son who helped me build my '64. He thought he'd try his hand. This was the only Jimmy in our bunch (the rest are Chevy's). Except for the wheels, it was all original, ran (with a little help), and was just fun. As he headed further into his teen years, he of course had to build up an '85 Silverado (that is very slick), and just lost interest in the old gal, as teenagers do.

     I decided to try the swap meet. After listing the truck, I was getting 3-5 e-mails a day and so many offers I can't remember. After the dust settled I decided on the guy who wasn't beating me down on price and really seemed he wanted it. He sent the money last March, and completely on trust didn't even ask for the title til he picked it up.

     Well, he finally got here last week (Feb. 2002). We had fun loading her up and had dinner before he headed back to Wisconsin (I live in Texas). I think my old baby has found a good home and he promises to send pictures when he's done.

     My son did get sad when he realized the girl was really going away (I think I saw a tear). I know I miss her, too. But Fred Lechner has her and I feel certain will make her his pride and joy.

     This just another example of the good folks that "Stovebolters" are and the love that keeps these old beauties alive. Thanks Fred.

     Thanks for bringing all these good folks together.

Buddy G. Squyres
Amarillo, Texas


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