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1965 1/2-Ton SWB Custom Cab

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09 April 2007
# 1913

From Daniel :

           Here is my 1965 1/2-ton SWB Custom Cab. The story goes like this. I had a long bed 1965 when I met my wife back in 1996. I had it since I was 14. It had an original 327 with a TH350 behind it. The bed wood was CHERRY since the previous owner had a camper on the truck since it was brand new.

           I use to drive that truck (minus camper) to local street races in Ontario, Calfironia. I must have changed the tranny three or four times!

           Then I went to college up in Northern California. So I figured the best thing to do would be to sell the truck since I had no where to keep it while I was gone.

           My wife knew how much this broke my heart, so we kept looking for another one in the following years. We found another long bed Fleetside with an original 292 straight six and "three on the tree" set up. It needed alot of body work since she was RUSTY! I drove that truck from 1999-2003 with NO PROBLEMS at all!!

           THEN, while driving with my wife, she pointed out this beautiful 1965 shortbed custom cab to me. We stopped to take a look at it. It had a fresh 327 with Camelback heads, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes and a "four on the floor." I honestly did not think much of the truck at first, a little too flashy for me, until I drove it!!! Boy this truck handles like a CHAMP!

           I later discovered how helpful those anti-sway bars are, and the four speed really was a blast! My wife LOVED it after driving it as well!

           BUT we were planning our wedding and could not afford the truck at the time. The seller would not budge on the price.

           ONE YEAR LATER ... I was looking online and found a truck with the same description, no pictures. I told my wife we should go look at it since it might be the same truck! We were both amazed to see that it was the very same shortbed we both fell in love with!! The only difference was that the new owner had put the 18" and 20" rims on it with a fresh set of tires. Who's complaining???

           I drove it and the seller and I negotiated a deal (or should I say steal) and the truck was ours for $5000. He wanted to buy an Impala and wanted the cash.

           My Dad and I just finished putting CCP's slotted / cross drilled front disk brake kit with lowering springs in the front. Other than that, she sits pretty just like we bought her. My wife gets a kick out of the big back window, since the other two were small glass. People give us thumbs up often! My 2-year old daughter always says "Daddy go fast" when we go for rides around town.

           The picture above is the truck at the local car show -- what a beautiful day. This pic is the truck with out the bed cover right after a wash. And this pic is with my daughter after a ride to the beach.

           My wife and I believe this truck was meant to be in our family for years to come. We are both at USC studying preventive medicine.

           Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for posting on your website...

Daniel Soto
Los Angeles, California

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