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Leonardtown, Maryland


1926 Chevy Pickup Truck

Owned by


Anthony Soto
Bolter # 17310
Pasadena, Texas


01 March 2008
# 2255

From Anthony :

           Here is my 1926 Chevy all-original pickup truck. I got her, just us you see her, in August 1999 from Mr. Isaac in Houston, Texas. All I've done to her since then is got her running and kept her clean.

<< click on image for enlargement >>

           The only way Mr. Isaac would sell her to me was if I promised I wouldn't turn her into a hot rod. I promised I wouldn't. I told him I was looking for a project for me and my Son, who was seven at time. So after some negotiations, I got her.

           Well, it turns out that my seven year old didn't have any interest in working on vehicles. (He is 13 now and still has no interest in it.) But son # 4 does -- but he's only 5 right now.

           Mr. Isaac's Dad obtained the truck in 1930 and had to do some repairs to the roof. The truck had been in the family ever since. His Dad died in the '60's from cancer and left the to him. He drove it in the Pasadena Strawberry parade almost every year until the early '90's. Then it just sat there until I saw it in 1998.

          For almost two years, I tried to get him to sell it to me. He finally gave in. It was hard for Mr. Isaac to part with her so he would not let me pay for her all at once. I had to make monthly payments. I believe it was his way of keeping an eye on her and making sure I kept my promise. He wasn't going to give me the title until it was all paid for.

           Before I could finish the payments, Mr. Isaac quit coming by and I could never reach him. About six months went by and I was at Shaver Auto Parts & Paints, where I was buying my paint supplies for my shop. I was talking to George, one of the countermen, about the truck and my situation with the title. When he asked who was I talking about, I told him. He said he knew him and that he had died about two months back from throat cancer. Mr. Isaac was in and out of hospitals before that.

           More months went by. I couldn't get hold of any one. Then one day, Mr. Isaac's Brother called and confirmed what I was told about his Brother. He then proceeded to tell me that I still owed the full price of the truck and he needed to pick it up. He said that his Brother didn't have any record of my payments, only the original contract. Well good thing I did! So we agreed that I would continue the payments as per his Brother's contract.

           I finished the payments and then we were working on the title. I wanted the title like it was (original) but he wanted it all transferred, which would give me a new title. We were at a stand still.

           About a month went by and I decided to call him. In doing so, his wife answered and told me he was in the hospital getting chemo therapy for cancer. She said he would be out soon and she would have him give me a call.

           Several months went by and I didn't hear from anyone. So I called again. His wife answered I told her who I was. She said, "I'm so sorry but Joe died from the cancer he had."

           I dropped my head in sorrow and couldn't believe what I was hearing. She told me she knew what I was calling about. She was dealing with her husband's affairs. She told me she would get back to me about the truck.

           When she finally called, it was the same dance as with her husband -- no proof of the truck being paid for. We got that settled but now we have the same problem with trying to keep the title original. To this day, I still don't have the title. However, I think I have talked her in to handing it over like it is without her having to go down there with me to make sure it was transferred. So I'm hoping I will have the title in my hands this month.

<< click on image for enlargement >>

           The truck doesn't need very much work to get it rolling down the road. I need to get the radiator fixed, the generator, and the carburetor and gas system. I re-did the wiring and added a keyed start switch to her to give it a little bit of security. I have not driven her yet. I sure am anxious to. Once the title problem is fixed and a few mechanical problems, I certainly will! I do want to show her.

           I want to add that I looked in the Gallery at the other trucks that were restored. Many look nice and pretty. That's what I was going to do at first. But the more I looked at it, the more I liked it the way it is. You can see and imagine the history the truck went through.

         There are two openings in the dash and I don't know what goes in them -- I can use some help if any one knows


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