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A Cool Old Truck

Brian Sodergren's

1954 Chevrolet 3100

04 October 04

From Brian:

          Here's a few pics of my '54. Bought it running for $1500 back when I was still single. It was built by a father and son duo that did EVERYTHING themselves in their backyard garage. I'm pretty sure they got the whole thing built for under $1000 as there was a lot of "creative" engineering used in the rebuild. Some of it good, most of it, pretty darn scary.

          Unfortunately, the gal I was seeing at the time didn't appreciate the little quirks that go along with owning a piece of vintage iron such as this. She whined about the little oil leak(s) it had. Finally gave me the time told ultimatum. Either me or the truck! Well ... being 22 at the time, I wasn't exactly thinking with the proper head and sold her (the truck that is).

          About three years later (yes, she still booted me -- a month later), a guy at work told me he'd seen the '54 for sale about 30 miles outside of town. Of course, I had to go and check it out. The guy was asking $2500 for it. I called him up and he gave this big song and dance about all the work he'd done to it. I'm thinkin cool ... it doesn't leak anymore! Yeah right. I go out and take a look at her and she's in EXACTLY the same condition she was in when I sold her. Even still had the car show flyers behind the seat. About the only thing I could see that he'd done was to wash and wax it.

          Anyways. I got her back in my possession again and vowed I'd not sell her again. And thankfully my now wife of eight years refuses to LET me sell her! I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but I think with the help of the generous folks here I'll be able to get her back on the road in short order.

          All of these pictures are the way it was when I bought it except for the one in the garage. Had to throw that one in just for the effect :).

Brian Sodergren
aka Sody54Chev
Menominee, MI

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