Dave Snyder's

1951 Chevy Suburban

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11 May 2007
# 1939

From Wayne :

        I would like summit some pictures of a 1951 Chevy Suburban that I'm building for a friend of mine (Dave Snyder). Dave lives in Norco, California.

        Dave found the truck going to waste in Southern California. It appears, like so many Suburbans, that it was a school bus at one time in its life (yellow paint and the lights it had on it). I know it was built in Oakland, Calififornia in October of 1952. Other than being a hotel for rats for years, it was in pretty good shape with just minor rust in floors and back right rear corner. One of the Stovebolt guys helped me buy patch panels for that.

        The plans for the 'Burb is a zz4 Chevy motor with a 700r4 trans. As of the end of April, I've taken it all a part and had the frame sand blasted and filled all unwanted holes (which were many) in the frame. I've put in a TCI mustang front end with air bags and in the rear is a 4-link with air bags and I currie 9" Ford.

        The motor and transmission are mocked up and we're waiting on parts to install the tilt steering.

        While the work is going on here in Northern California, the owner is trying to find a good color and the right wheel tire set up for the 'Burb. As work gets done, I will up date photos as I can. If the owner knows more about the truck, I'll update after I've talked to him more. He'll be very excited to see his Suburban on Stovebolt -- he doesn't know I'm doing this for him.

        Thanks for looking.

Wayne Rogan
Bolter # 14668

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