Mark Smith's

1929 Chevy 1.5-Ton

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31 October 2005

From Mark:

            Hello Stovebolters! This is my 1929 Chevy 1.5-ton truck. A coworker had this parked (buried) in his back yard for about 18 years. He decided he was never going to get to it so he told me to come and get it. Four hours drive up the state, a little digging with a shovel, lunch, then four hours back home.

            It's missing the front fenders and the hood top amongst other things. The frame was cut in half for storage. Amazingly, it is in decent shape for sittin' so long. Not much in cancer!

            The body wood is rotted / eaten so a steel subframe will be made. Plans are for a small block, 700R4 and 10-bolt rear. Possibly a crew or extended cab so the kids can come along.

            Currently, the frame rails are back together and are boxed. I plan to get the suspension fitted soon.

            I have had quite a few projects in the past, the longest being my 1949 3100 Deluxe Cab. They all had to go away to help with feeding the kids. Now it's time to teach the kids how to beat and wrench these things back into shape. Yup! I've got the bug again!

            I hope to get this truck rolling soon. However, I do have an itch for a 1935 to 1954 Suburban. I wouldn't be surprised if I traded this for one of those!!

Mark Smith
Bolter #9184
Southern California

            Mark has an interesting website about bikes ~~ Editor

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