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A Cool Old Truck

Kelsey Smith's

1958 Chevy 32 Fleetside Longbox

08 November 04

From Kelsey:

          Hi. My name is Kelsey Smith. I'm currently a sophomore in high school. I have a 1958 Chevy 32 Fleetside Longbox. I more-or-less inherited this from my Father. Before he had this one, he had a 1955 Chevy shortbed. It looked real nice, but was in poor mechanical condition. It was pretty well held together with pop rivets. The gas tank had a hole in it about halfway down.

          My mother worked at a gas station at the time. This was how they met. However, before they started dating, he traded the '55 for this '58 and paid $800 from some farmer. Ever since then, it has been used as a real work truck -- hauling manure, rock, lumber, garbage, almost anything you wouldn't want to haul in a nice, new one.

          Before my 15th birthday, he decided that I could "have" it. Ever since then, I've been putting almost every spare dollar I've had into restoring this. As of October 30, the only thing that doesn't work is the windshield washer. I can't find one no matter how hard I try.

          Currently, I just have the expensive stuff to do. Windshield, paint, bed. The bed is slowly rotting away. Everything is almost bone stock. The whole drivetrain, stock, interior (almost stock, had the sear re-uphulstered).


          The stock 235 cid 6 is currently in it, but I have plans to put a small-block in it. All I need is a set of heads, camshaft, lifters, and some other small stuff. The old 6 is starting to get a little tired, and she could use some more power.

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