Garret Smith's

1941 Chevy Street Rod Pickup Truck

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14 August 2007
# 2019

From Garrett :

          I already have a ride on here, a 1954 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton (which has been fixed, by the way -- in a wreck last April). AND I have another ride I have been working on.

          This one is a 1941 Chevy street rod pickup truck. It's just a project right now but I figured I'd go ahead and submit so you guys know what's going on.

          I bought this truck (the cab, bed and some other goodies) off eBay from a guy outside South America for $400.

          This truck is more advanced in body work and customization then the '54. We chopped the top 5" vertical and a section of 3" (kinda crude but still working on it). Also, recently I bought some 2" x 4" x 1/4" tubing which I am in the process of making a frame out of.

          It currently has a 15" drop in the rear and soon to be 5" rise in the front.

          No current motor / tranny or even rear end for that matter, but looking for a posi (if anyone has one for the right price).

          Here are a few pictures of it. Hope y'all like it.

Garrett Smith
Bolter # 4816
Austin, Texas

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