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Butch Smith's

1966 GMC 4 x 4 3/4-Ton Longbed Stepside

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22 March 2005

From Butch Smith:

      My '66 has been around the horn .... and back!

      Hi folks. I wanted to let you know that I bought the ' 66 GMC 4x4 3/4-ton longbed stepside back over the weekend. I sold it to John Henne some time back .... he traded it in ... Brad Clapper bought it ... and it has been sold once or twice since then.

      It is a pretty neat looking truck. She now has a 383 Chevy powerplant which another friend of mine built. I'm not sure at this time if I'll keep her or not ... thinking maybe I will. I've got too many toys sitting around.

      I do still have the '69. She has a place in my heart. I advertised it once. A guy and his kid came and looked at it. They spent about two hours crawling over, under, and in it, said they would take it. They called me the next night and said they wanted to think on it. I said. "That's okay. I'll keep her." So she is still here!

      Anyway, you can list this truck under my name again if you would.....ain't it great??

Keep up the good work.
Butch Smith,
Brownville, Nebraska

      Boy, Butch had my head spining on this one. We gathered up all the old gallery submissions and put the '66 back under Butch's name -- shwew! ~~ Editor

01 November 2000

From Butch Smith:

     I really enjoy your site. I am a motorhead anyway. I am sending a picture of my GMC 4 x 4. I got it from my son-in-law about 15 months ago. I had another guy do quite a bit to it, such as brakes (it still needs some work there, although the cylinders and shoes are new, drums turned, etc., some of the emergency brake hardware is missing). I paid for a .060 over very low mileage engine, which he must have decided to keep, since it now has a 305 in it.

     I understand it was put together from three different trucks. I don't know if the front drive line is good or not. I haven't gotten that far yet. At least it is running.

     It has been advertised for sale lately, but I pulled it out back because I don't know if I can part with her or not. Those '60 and '61 are some pretty years of Chevys and GMC's.

     There are still some wrecking yards that have an abundance of parts for these trucks. I put in a windshield and side glass. The anti-rattle kit made the window too tight to roll up, so I took the frame off it.

     I am enclosing a pic of my '69 Chevy sitting on a 1985 chassis and running gear. I love them both. Use the pics if you like.

Butch Smith
Brownville, Nebraska

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