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1966 Chevy C-10 Shortbed Fleetside


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10 April 2006
# 1498

From Tony:

       Hay all! I haven't died or gone to Heaven. However, I think I am as close as I can be. Take a look at my latest acquisition.

       I found this truck down in southern Oklahoma a few months ago. It is the ideal truck I always wished I had growing up. I had a few '65 and '66 Chevy long wheel base Fleetside trucks with the minimal options when I was young and always wished they were shortbed Fleetsides with all the factory / dealer options.

       I named this one 19SEXY6. She is a 1966 Chevy C10, shortbed Fleetside with big back glass, custom comfort cab, factory automatic transmission crossmember with a 700R4 transplanted tranny, factory 327, factory air and many of the dealer options including chrome bumpers, chrome grille, side moldings and cab sails.

       Fortunately, there are few things that need to be done to this one to make it top-notch. When I loaded it on my car hauler and towed it around with my '66 C-20, I felt like I hit the lottery.

       These old trucks are such a conversation piece. Everywhere I go I end up in a conversation with someone about my truck or one they had sometime in their past. My '64-'66 Chevy trucks break down barriers and start conversations with perfect strangers that would otherwise never take place. People are so much more friendly and talkative when there is a common denominator -- like an old Chevy truck -- or any old vehicle for that matter.

       I hope everyone has the fortunate experience of sharing stories of their past with perfect strangers, friends and family, like I have as a result of my '64-'66 Chevy trucks. Many thanks to the staff at the Stovebolt Page. I tell every person I meet about the site.

       Looking forward to a safe and prosperous year and I wish you and the staff of Stovebolt the same.

Best regards,

Tony Smith
Bolter # 5355
Lenexa, Kansas

          Tony's got himself a nice line-up of Chevy trucks:

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