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1946 GMC Longbed Pick-up Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Andy Smith
Bolter # 5716
London, Kentucky
01 August 2007
# 2002

From Andy :

          This is my 1946 GMC longbed pick-up. It is mounted on a 1975 Chevy long bed frame. It has a 350 motor and a 400 turbo transmission and posi rear end.  I have owned this truck for about five years

          And here's the story. I was on eBay about five years ago looking for parts for my other 1946 Chevy truck (1/2-ton shortbed) and I found this.  I was looking at it all week and I didn’t have the money to bid on it . So I let it go.  It did not sell so I called the man about a week later and made an offer. He said he would let me know.  About a month later, around 10:00 pm, I got a phone call and he said "It is yours." I sent him a money order.  It was winter time (November) and about 50 miles from me.

          All I had seen of the truck was a few pics of it on eBay.  I told the man I couldn't came get it until spring and he said that was ok.  Well, spring came and I called the man up the night before and told him I was coming to put tires on the truck the next day.  The next morning, all the way up to the place I was happy.  I just bought it for a parts truck because that is all I would do with it.

          I turned on the exit where the truck was and stopped to get something to eat and called the man so I could follow him.  He came about 20 minutes later and we drove to where the truck was.  We pulled in the driveway, opened the gate to the horse field and there it was, sitting by a 1950 Buick and another old truck.  The man bought the truck to use as a parts truck for his 1946 GMC 1-ton about 20 years ago.  (He still has that one. I tried to buy it but he said it was not for sale.)

          I looked at the truck and I said to it “I am going to restore you.”  I looked at it for about 10 minutes. I finally put the tires on it. I took the hood off and put it in the van. I told the man I would be back in a few days to get the rest.  I had to coordinate with a fellow I know who has a wrecker.

          The next morning, we had the wrecker and headed out about 7:30 am.  By then, my trailer was fixed so we just backed the wrecker up, hooked up and left.  I called the man and left a message saying I was coming for my 1946 GMC truck.  We got down there at about 9:00 am.  We backed up to the truck and put the ramps down. We tried to wench it but it did not move.  We opened the trans and one gear was frozen.  So I just tried wrenching again and it just scooted the wheels.

          After it was on the trailer, about half-way, the wheel broke and started turning. We finally got it loaded after about two hours. As we were heading out, the man was coming towards me and stopped me in the middle of the road. After thank yous were exchanged, we left towards home.  When we pulled into McDonalds, people just crowded around the truck. Some asked what it was and a few of the people tried to buy it.

           After about 10 miles later, a man was bumping his horn so I stopped.  The man got out of his car and asked if the truck was for sale.  I told him it was going to be restored. We talked for a few minutes and he mentioned he had one of these trucks. I asked him if his was for sale! He said no.

          Everyone on the way home was looking at my new truck. A few more people on the way home tied to buy it and I had to say it was not for sale again!  When I finally got home and pulled in my yard, about 20 people tied to buy it that day because it is a rare truck.  I stripped it down on the trailer and then unloaded it in the backyard.  I took the cab and bed off and sanded and put it in primer and started looking for parts and the frame.

          I left it for the next five years in the backyard walking by it almost everyday.  Then this year, I was looking on eBay found a truck within 15 miles of my house and I bought it with out even looking at it.  It was a 1975 Chevy long bed with a 350 motor, 400 transmission, posi rear end, buckets seats and a tilt wheel.  The truck’s body was rough and it hadn't ran in about two years.  I went to pay for it and told the guy selling it I was going to make it a 1946 GMC truck and told him I could not come get it until Thursday because my trailer was loaded with junk.  Thursday morning, I went to the junkyard and on the way home stopped to get the truck.

          I backed up the driveway, put the ramps down and started to put the truck on the trailer.  The people were just about crying because it had been the Grandfather’s truck before he died.  They said he would be proud to see the truck get a new life as a 1946 GMC.  When I got home, I got it off the trailer and put a battery in it, some gas in the carburetor and it fired right up.  It sounded great.  I drove it in my backyard for a about a month before I tore it down and junked the body.

          I loaded the frame up on my trailer and took it the car wash and washed it.  When I got it back home, I sanded the frame and put some Rustoleum on it.  About a week later, I cut the cab mounts off of the frame and that night put my 1946 GMC cab on the frame.  It looked cool, too!  The next day, I drilled the holes and bolted the cab to the frame.  I cut the cab cowl a little and drilled holes for the brake pedal and mount the master cylinder.

          I am still working on it when I can.  If anyone has a good drivers door for a 1939-46 Chevy/GMC, a windshield frame, windshield crank, ash tray, the piece that the bumper braces goes through (that connects to the bottom of the front fenders), dash trim, or just about anything for one of these trucks, please email me.

Andy has a slew of trucks: a 1946 GMC Longbed pickup; a 1946 Chevy Shortbed pickup; a 1941 Chevy Shortbed; a 1941 GMC with a 228; a 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton Shortbed; a fourth 1946 Chevy truck; and a 1938 1.5-Ton GMC Truck. ~ Editor


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