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1941 GMC Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Andy Smith
Bolter # 5716
London, Kentucky
01 April 2009
# 2585

From Andy :

I just bought a 1941 GMC truck with a 228 motor. About a month ago, I was looking online for some pics for my other trucks. This guy emails my telling me he as three 1939-41 Chevy trucks for sale. I emailed back and got his phone number to call him about them.

When I called, he said he was asking $1000 for both of the 1941 Chevy / GMC trucks. We talked a little and he said he had a junkyard in a town about 150 miles from my house. So, I asked him to email me some of the pictures of the trucks, and he did.

I called him back and offered him $300 on just the 1941 GMC truck. He said how about $600. And I said $350. Then he said $500. I offered $400 and he said he would think about it.

About a month later, I gave him a call back and get the truck for $400! We made plans to pick it up March 4.

A friend and I left my house about 7 am and drove the 150 miles and we saw alot of old cars along the way. We got there about 9:30 and the man is not there. So we waited until 10:30 before he showed up. I ask if I can see the 1941 Chevy and GMC trucks.

This fellow has just about any old car and truck you could want in his yard starting at about 1915-up to now. So we walk in his yard for about 1/2 mile to find the trucks. There are about 10 cars and trucks in front of it (one a 1963 Chevy).

I looked both truck over good and decided the 1941 GMC looks the best. So, we close the deal and I asked if he could help move the cars so we can get at the truck. It took about two hours with a wrecker. We finally got it cleared and we loaded the '41.

After all that, he let us walk his yard. We walked for another hour and I found an air cleaner for my 1946 Chevy and some other stuff.

We headed out and about six miles from the yard, a man passes us and stopped us right in the middle of the road. He asks if the truck was for sale! I so no and he said, "Are you crushing it? I need one for a rat rod." I told him it was going to be a parts truck for my others.

A few more people tried to buy it when we stopped to get lunch.

We got home about 3 :30 pm and start parting it right away. The next day, I unloaded it from my trailer. When I was moving the trailer, the front end of the truck busted my tire.

I might build a rat rod with the rest because of the rust in the truck.

I still have the rest of my trucks and am working on them slowly.

Andy has a slew of trucks: a 1946 GMC Longbed pickup; a 1946 Chevy Shortbed pickup; a 1941 Chevy Shortbed; a 1941 GMC with a 228; a 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton Shortbed; a fourth 1946 Chevy truck; and a 1938 1.5-Ton GMC Truck. ~ Editor














01 October 2007
# 2073

From Andy :

          This is a 1941 Chevy short bed. It has a 1966 GMC frame under it and a 6 cycle engine with a 3 speed transmission.  I have owned this truck for around five years. (View from the side)

          About five years ago, a few of my friends saw this truck sitting behind a barn about 40 miles from me on their way to a car show. The next weekend I went to see it and try and find its owner. I pulled in the driveway and knocked at the door but nobody answered. So I let it go. That evening I went back with my brother in his 1989 Mustang convertible to see if they were home again. This time when I knocked on the door, the owner came out.

          I asked if the 1941was for sale and he sale yes and that he wanted $300. I said how about $200 and he said sold! I told him I would have to pay him $50 now and $50 a month and he said that was alright. So I gave him $50, got a receipt and left.

          The next week I sold some old junk I had laying around and went back and gave him the rest of the money. I told him I would be back the next week to get it. We made arrangements for him to pull the truck out from behind the barn.

          That next weekend my buddy and I took his wrecker to go pick it up. On the way home we had to go up a hill at about two mph because the front fenders were burning spots in the front tires! After we got up the hill, a man stopped us and asked if the truck was for sale. After telling him "No," we got to talking and he said he had a 1946 GMC pick-up. I asked if his was for sale! He said "No" because he was restoring it.

          We talked for a little more then we continued our ride home. After we got it home, the front tires were on fire! I got some water and put them out. Whew!

          The truck stayed covered until last year.  

Andy has a slew of trucks: a 1946 GMC Longbed pickup; a 1946 Chevy Shortbed pickup; a 1941 Chevy Shortbed; a 1941 GMC with a 228; a 1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton Shortbed; a fourth 1946 Chevy truck; and a 1938 1.5-Ton GMC Truck. ~ Editor


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