Rich Sisneros'

1965 Chevy Longbed Fleetside

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03 April 2006
# 1493

From Rich:

       Here are a few pictures of my 1965 Chevy Longbed Fleetside truck. It was a 3/4-ton that had a huge over head camper on it.

       I looked in three states to find the best rust free truck and this one was only six miles south of my place behind a shed in Manzanola,Colorado. The older man it belonged to bought it new and put the camper on that day.

       The body was in good shape. The cab is almost rustfree (three pin hole in the driver side). It had a 283 with a three on the column and the wood was good, too. We pulled the camper off and towed it home.

       The motor ran after I pulled the lower clutch inspection cover to free the fly wheel (hornets nest fell out). My Father and I started to restore it, then he passed away in 1994 so I drove it for a while with the 283. Then I installed a 350 transmission. Then I got a wild hair and installed a two four barrel tunnel ram and drove the heck out of it. I found a '66 Caprice with a 396/400 and rebuilt both to install them in the truck. And this is what it looks like now.

       My son is not happy with me since I told him this truck will go to my first grandchild. Best part about this is I only paid $350 for the truck. (I refuse to add up the receipts for money spent since then).


Rich Sisneros
Bolter # 5916

       RJ also has an interesting 1964 Chevy Crew Cab in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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