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Leonardtown, Maryland


1953 5-Window Chevy 3100

Owned by


Marty Sims
Bolter # 13165
Denver, Colorado

"Hot Rod Chevy"

12 November 2007 Update
# 1847

From Marty :

         Well… I’ve made a bunch of progress on my 1953 Chevy and have put about 4,000 miles on her since the beginning of April. Just when I think I got it all figured out, I go and buy this 1937 Chevy! I donít have any other picís of the 37 yet. Itís just been sitting in the garage. When I get a free moment, I go out there and fix something on it, but Iím not in a huge rush since the '53 is such a trusty steed. I love the patina look. I really like them when they have an old, faded, logo of some kind on the doors.

         The '53 has been a great truck and has worked its tail off for me, but I have limited space and can’t keep them both. The '53 could easily be considered done, but I was going to put all the cool parts on it this winter. Now those are going to go towards the '37.

         My son Corey loves them both and said we have to keep both of them. My wife may kick us BOTH out! As soon as my youngest is old enough to go to day care and school, the truck is going to see fewer and fewer miles. Right now it is me and my son who are in it all the time. When I start running around with my daughter too, I’m not going to have enough room. So I’m working on a 1965 Buick Sport Wagon for the “Family Truckster.” If I could fit the whole family in a truck, I’d keep them both. I’m going to try to keep the '53 long enough so I can drive it while I’m making the '37 the way I want it. I know I’m going to want the '53 back when my son turns 16, but I don’t think I can find a place to store it for 12 more years.

         I also still have my 1970 Chevelle that I bought when I was 12 and my Dad and I restored so I’d have a car to drive when I turned 16.

         I’d hate to be without a working truck for very long.

         We may have to get rid of my wife’s car.


26 February 2007
# 1847

From Marty :

         Here’s my submission. This is my 1953 five window Chevy 3100. I’ve been getting a bunch of help from everyone on the site, so I thought it was time to get my truck in the Gallery.

         My brother and I were talking and I mentioned I was looking for a truck. I was thinking about an older Toyota for the mileage, but he didn’t like that idea at all. I told him that I would think about getting an old Stovebolt if I could find a driver for sale. It had to have the original six in it and I needed to be able to drive it home. I wanted a “rolling project.”

         Three days later he called me and said, “Hey, I found a ’53 five window for you to buy in the on-line adds. Go look at it and call me back.”

Well … I did, did, and did (looked at it, called him, and bought it). My brother has a beautifully restored 1956 F*rd and has had many others, so he was my “Purchase Advisor” on this deal.

         As I was driving home in it, he asked me, “What’s your wife think?” I told him that I’ll either get a divorce threat or she’ll love it ‘cause I hadn’t had a chance to mention it! I figured I was in good shape though, as she has always liked my ’70 Chevelle (I bought when I was 12 years old) and we both agree that our retirement present to ourselves will be a ’63-’67 Vette (condition unknown).

         The butterflies were all a twitter when I got it home. She said, “That’s gotta’ be worth more than an old, rusty Toyota.” I told her it sure was to me. When my three year old called it the “Hot Rod Chevy,” it was stuck, and I had me (us) a new truck.

         Here are a couple of pictures from the day I brought it home in November 2006. Since then, I’ve gotten all the body work done (rusty floors, cab corners and such) and have it all in primer (we’ve had lots and lots of snow in Denver since I bought it). I’ll get some new pictures once the Magnesium Chloride gets washed off the roads. I also have one from when it got caught in the first of our last four snow storms.

         The truck is going to stay fairly stock for a while, but it already has a Nova rear end and a Saginaw 4 speed transmission in it. I bought a parts truck that came with the rear end and the Nova sub frame. I’ll wait for a while before I tackle that project -- for now I need to haul lumber from Home Depot. When I finish the house, I’ll think about digging into that sub frame project (283 is on the stand waiting).

         My three year old and I were leaving for school the other morning when he said, “Are we taking Hot Rod Chevy?” I said, “No, we are going to take the station wagon (Honda).” His reply was, “Awww.” I guess he knows what he likes. “ Bolters” must be born with it. Let me know if there is a cure for it and if so, keep it away from us! We like our “sickness.”

         Thanks again for all the help and a great site!

Marty Sims
Bolter # 13165
Denver, Colorado

         Love those snow storm pictures. Especially since a bunch of us around the country got clobbered again this past weekend! Look forward to updates when you get them done! ~~ Editor


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