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A Cool Old Truck

Jack Sill's

1942 3/4-Ton Pickup

Feb 02 Update: I finally did find the wheels right in my own backyard. At a local swap meet here in Winnipeg, I was looking through a box of junk and another guy was looking through a box vacuum wiper motors. I asked what number he was looking for and it turned out to be the same number used on my truck. After chatting a bit I discovered he had a complete power train from the same year truck. I got myself 4 wheels so now I have lots. Jack

Update from Jack:

      My 1942 3/4-ton Chevy is finally finished. Here is an "after" picture to go with the "before" picture below. It is just starting winter here so my truck will not be on the road until spring. Probably around May. I need only 2 new bumpers and those two illusive 17" wheels and I am done.

      My next project is looking like a 47-53 5 window. All the best from Winterpeg.


Greetings from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
      Attached is a picture of my 1942 3/4-ton Special series truck as it was "fresh" off the farm. It is now in the process of being restored to original condition. I will keep you updated.

      I am in need of 2 original wheels. This truck has 11" front drums and 14" rear drums so replacing the old rims with something newer is difficult. The wheels are 7.50 x 17" 6 bolt split rims. I do have four but one has a traditional farm wobble and cannot be repaired and I do not have a spare. If anyone is replacing their original 17" wheels with something a little more modern I would be interested in buying the old ones if they are in restorable condition.

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