Michael Siewart's

1932 Maple Leaf

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From Michael:

          My 1932 Maple Leaf truck once made a living for my Grandfather. He used it to haul coal from Drumheller, Alberta to Rocky Mountain House. Then he hauled mine props in the reverse direction. It finished it's working life with the Cuncanon family of Morin as a farm truck.

          When it broke down on the job in '63, it was moved into a field where it rested peacefully until 1989 when it was generously given to me. A restoration just wouldn't be right for it since it was always a working truck and as such has undergone numerous upgrades to its drive train and running gear throughout its life. I hope to give it one more mild upgrade, freshen it up and let it retire to a life of light hauling and fun.

          The truck was built by GM of Canada (Oshawa, Walkerville and Regina) and bears a Model Configuration number 118. GM Canada Historical Vehicle Service has confirmed that the model year is 1932 based on the serial number. Other information available from their service was that this single axle, dual wheel truck was one of 543 produced. Their information also stated that the original 193.8 ci six cylinder engine was capable of 60 Hp at 3000 RPM, and the wheel base is 157 inches.


Michael Siewart

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