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A Cool Old Truck

Stephen Siemsen's

1946 Chevy 1/2-Ton

18 September 04

From Stephen:

          This Chevrolet 1/2-ton left the GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, in August 1946 and was delivered to a farm service/supply company in Burlington, Iowa. It remained in Burlington until March 2004, at which time it was delivered to me in San Antonio, Texas.

          The truck has a 1958 235ci motor and was converted to 12 volts, but otherwise remains stock. Top speed is 48-50 mph -- just fast enough to take it on the (right lane) of the interstate. When I repainted the stock 16-in. wheels, I made sure there were no rust holes or other leaks so I could mount tubeless tires on them. The truck now has five Fisk Phantom A/P P225/75R-16 tires and all of them are holding their proper tire pressure.

          Other features include a complete spare tire carrier, front double-action knee shocks, rear auxiliary overload springs, a complete factory tool kit, and an original jack and handle. I have an NOS 3-inch heavy-duty radiator to replace the current 2-inch radiator to help deal with the Texas summer heat.

          The previous owner completed the first restoration of this truck in the late 80's from a solid, rust free original. I have been detailing the truck and drive it to work once or twice a week.


Stephen Siemsen
San Antonio, Texas





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