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1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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01 March 2004
# 1479

From Rich:

       Here is my first restoration project. I started this project when I was a junior in college despite my parents' objections. I had no knowledge of bodywork, welding, or painting. (You could say I had a crash course in Resto 101.)

       I learned through trial and error and with limited means and funding. I think it turned out pretty good! I have been driving it four years now with the original running gear and 6 volt system.(new wires and rebuilt starter).

       My most recent journey was from Meyersdale, Pennsylvania to Woodstock, Virginia (146 miles and two tanks of gas). I now have a new job, but still I am faced with limited funds. I would appreciate any suggestions for 12-volt conversion. what all do I need?

       Also, down the road, I would like to go with IFS and V-8, new rear, and tranny. There are so many different front-end/ rearend options, what is the easiest clip or kit combinations with minimal cutting of the original frame and radiator mounts, etc.? Does anyone have the ultimate in easy, low budget, daily driver upgrades?

Rich Shockey
Woodstock, Virginia

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