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1962 GMC Long Stepside

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Todd Shields
Bolter # 19878
Washington State

Talking about this truck in the forums

01 May 2010 Update
# 2534

From Todd

I have updated photos for my two trucks in the Gallery [ the other is a 1961 Chevy Apache 10 Short Stepside ~ Editor ]. Here's a view from the rear.

I haven't been doing much as far as working on these old trucks because work is real busy right now. I have been gathering and working on the small stuff. For instance on the GMC, I had the Stromburg WW carburetor rebuilt by an old pro. I was lucky enough to find the rebuild kit at Auto Zone. I also found one for my '61 Ford Holley which is equally as hard to find.

Next I plan to change the timing chain as soon as the weather clears up. I can get the chain at most stores but the gasket kit I will have to get from NAPA -- at least they have a set.

I have bought parts from Bolters as well as scavenging the wrecking yards and on line. Some of the places I have bought from are: LMC Truck parts / Rock Auto auto parts / RPM motorsports and on 60-66 chevy truck owners page. I'm still looking for quite a few things but that's part of the joy of having an old truck is trying to find parts to put it back together.

For instance, I drive past a recycling place quite often and look to see what they have in for the day. I was lucky enough to see two '64-66 Chevy trucks in there and was able to get a complete jack set up with springs for $5. I wish I could have salvaged both trucks whole but not with $15 in your pocket. The owner of the yard is a Chevy truck fan, too so I'm sure the better stuff was saved.

I must say the wrecking yard fever has not left my system. Every time I see a new truck in the yard, it's as appealing as one in a show somewhere. I have to see everything about it and gawk at whatever has been done to it. Definitely a kid in a candy store.

I was given two GMC's about a month ago in trade to help my friend fix his ' 86 Jimmy 4X4. One is a 1962 camper special (camper gone ). I'm thinking about putting a cargo box on it just to have as a good ol' moving truck. The other is a 1961 GMC LWB that one has had alot of modification to it -- like converted to an automatic with floor shifter. It still has the eyebrow hood which is what excited me about it. It also has the original dash cluster and the gray window knobs. Both truck run and drive but need a little work to be road worthy as far as I am concerned.

If it were for the fact I don't want help, I would need a 12 step program I think.

13 February 2009
# 2534

From Todd :

I have two Stovebolts. This is my GMC. It is a 1962 long bed Stepside with a commercial 305 v6. Until I can afford a real paint job, this is a Poofcan paint which ironically is the same exact color made by Rustoleum -- "American Accents Peacock Blue." The wheels and caps are off a 1963. Clip wheels here are so hard to find. I use what I can get for now until I get them gathered up.

I bought this truck in Bremerton, Washington and I am slowly getting it together. It was a flatbed when I bought it and I finally found a bed for it a year later.

I prefer the 6 bangers, Stepside, no plastic, no radio. Strange, I'm sure, but that's just me. I'd rather hear the putt of a 6 banger.

My other Stovebolt is a 1961 Chevy Apache 10 Short Stepside.

And since you do allow "other old stuff" ... here is my 1961 Ford F-100 long step which seems to be very rare now. I have the correct grille for it. The photo shows a grille from a 1963. As with all my trucks, it too is a 6 cylinder I have been collecting parts for it for about a year now. I still have a few things to get but it's mostly complete. I am hoping to have it running this spring when the weather gets warmer. I am at the mercy of being a shade tree mechanic.

Thank you,



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