Dana Shell’s

1950 Chevy 3600 3/4-Ton


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14 August 2006
# 1624

From Dana :

        Hello, I am a new Stovebolter registrant but I have actually enjoyed this site for a while. The ¾-ton truck was bought new by my Grandfather. It was parked running; just not very good ... ok ... barely! It had been stored in a dirt floor shed for about the last 30 years. This building was in extreme danger of collapsing.

        At the family Christmas dinner, I planned to discuss building my garage and help Dad tare down the shed. When we pulled into the driveway, the old truck was setting out in the rain. The shed was gone and I had certainly arrived too late to help.

        I couldn’t wait to build a shop so it was going in my attached garage. My wife was less than thrilled about my decision, but on January 8, 2006 the old truck was moved to a new home.

        The magnitude of restoring this truck just may be out of my ability. That’s what Dad always told us, “Kids, I just don’t have the ability right now.” Was I destined for the same fate? I don't want Granddaddy's truck becoming a heap of parts in my basement and garage with no hopes of ever putting it back together. I also can't afford to be a slave to this vehicle. I desired a reliable, functional truck, which could be used to do my work -- haul the garbage to the dump or get a load of material from the lumber yard. That is the classic I want.

        First I named my truck “Loy” since Loy was my Grandfather's name and it’s customary to name a vehicle after the original owner. This truck has had a hard life working around the mills, farms, and rock quarries. I’m certain it could have won first prize in a dirtiest chassis contest.

        With two full time jobs and kids under age four, it has been difficult finding time to work on the truck. Disassembly has already taken much longer than expected. I have no idea how long it will take me to get “Loy” fixed up for the road.


Dana Shell
Bolter # 11337
Palmetto, Georgia

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