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Cool Old Truck

Michael Shahan's


Chevrolet 4400 Flatbed Dump

11 April  03  

From Michael

I'd been dreaming of owning my very own Stovebolt since I was 17.  Driving home from work one summer afternoon I spied this one sitting in a heavy equipment hauling yard and on a whim stopped in to chat with the owner about it.  As it turned out, he had bought it at an auction and wanted to sell it.  Brakes didn't work but she fired up easily, ran strong and I was hooked.

I went home, convinced the wife how necessary it was to have it, how helpful it would be to use hauling...things...anything and everything.  She knew better but being the woman she is she gave her blessing. 

I showed up that Saturday with a check and the owner hauled it home for me for free.  I called the previous owner and got the low-down on it.  It had been used for years to haul scrap from construction sites and had finally been retired just the year before.  I changed the oil, installed a new odometer cable, filled up and bled the brakes and adjusted the shoes.  I now drive it regularly to haul things when we need to and generally have a good time with it. 

The floor boards are rusted pretty well but the body is quite straight.  The engine is strong and she gives me no trouble in any area.  I'll restore her soon, but I'm just enjoying driving her around and working her for now.  She's part of the family.

Michael Shahan,

Cave Springs, AR







Curator "Michael - Sounds like your wife has excellent judgment - great looking old truck!"

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