Fred Scott's

1952 Chevrolet 3100 5-Window

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February 2008

      I had to let the baby go. A nice couple bought it and will take care of it ... not going to chop it up or anything. The man's son has a 1952 GMC.

      I had been wanting this car in my neighborhood before I bought my truck. I only met the guy once, over three. I didn't have the nerve to ask him if he wanted to sell.

      I went to his house a while back and left and note .... and we got the deal done.

      Thanks to all the Stovebolters have done for me. My truck and the Bolt has been an experience that I will always remember and hold dear to me. I may not have the truck but I still have the Bolt .


      Fred, you will always be an icon on the site ... Stovebolt blood runs through your veins ... no matter what your ride is! ~ Stovebolt Team

01 May 2006

From Fred:

      I have an update for the Gallery. For my drive-train, I'm now running a 1985 Blazer rear end with 1984 S-10 5-speed instead of the enclosed drive train and 4-speed Patrick's modified Saginaw with the 3:55 ring/pinion. I have installed a CD player in it also.

      I have got a web site going with additional pictures. Plus I'm sending a pix of the the Stovebolt Topper. I may move it to
the front at a later date.

Fred Scott
Bolter # 2674
Mesquite, Texas

       Norselander created the playing card for Fred about two years ago. Thought you all would enjoy it! ~~ Editor

01 January 2003

From Fred:

       I am new to The Stovebolt Page. I really enjoy it. Please post by '52 Chevy 5-window in your Gallery section. I am not able to do it myself. I am a joker/redryder52 on your site. I wish I had a better picture of my truck - it does not give my truck true justice.

       I have owned the truck for five years and it is my daily driver. It has a '54 235 engine with dual exhausts, Fenton headers, 4 speed, 3.55 ring/pinion, Mallory electronic Ignition. It has stock suspension but lowered with 15 inch wheels. A very solid truck with no rust. It is not a show truck but still draws much attention.

       Thanks for your time, again I really enjoy your site.


     Our own Joker checks in with his Ryde. Nice lookin' truck Fred! ~~ Curator

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