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1953 Chevy 6400 Dump Truck

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Rick Schultz
Bolter # 5253
Palm Bay, Florida
23 June 2008 Update

From Rick :

           Hey Guys (and Ladies)! I finally am sending you the latest pics of my truck. I brought the truck home to Florida from Connecticut in 2004 -- four years -- and a lot of elbow grease -- ago!

           The pictures here are pretty much the end of "Phase 1". Most of the hard work is done. Phase 2 will be a cap swap from a '49 parts truck (that is in much better condition) and a new color --- probably blue. The old cab is slated for a rat rod project.

           I'm including a better shot [ pix ] of the interior. Here's a great view [ pix ] of the tailgate / rear.

           The truck is still a working truck in my roofing company, but more for advertising, estimating and (mostly) fun. I never say never, but no more hard, dirty work for this truck. More like paved roads, light loads and car shows. I wonder if 45 + years ago, the drivers of this work truck would have imagined the looks and thumbs up it gets going down the road ?

           You really have the best site, by far, on old Chevy trucks and your efforts are much appreciated. I have gotten so much valuable info that helped me in my resto. Thanks to all of you and to all who corresponded with me. I really appreciate the help.


Rick Schultz

           Wow, Rick ... this looks great. What a transformation of the truck from four years ago. Sharp lines and colors and a great advertisement for your business! She'll turn heads alright ... and stay in people's minds (good for the biz). Good on ya and thanks for the nice remarks about the site. The Stovebolt Collective is a great group ... and you are one of them! ~ Editor

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19 February 2007 Update  

From Rick :

           Hey guys! Thought I'd send update pictures for my truck. I finally got a second wind in October (2006) and really made some progress.

           Here is the original interior and here it is now. The seat is next.

           The front end [ pix ] is shaping up. The motor [ pix ] is a '62 235. The short shaft water pump made it possible to mount the radiator in the right place, but barely.

           I'm almost done with the front section of the wiring, so I hope to have it back together and running soon. More pics then.

           Thanks for this site and the time you put in on it.

Rick Schultz

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March  2004

From Rick :

           Hey guys! I thought y'all might like to see my '53 6400 Dump truck. [ pix ]   I'm new to big trucks, but as far as I can tell it's a 2-ton model, with a long (161") wheel base. It is 100% mechanically operational!

           The restoration is underway, with significant progress since this picture was taken. I will be concentrating mostly on the body and interior, but the frame/suspension will not be overlooked.

           To help my restoration efforts, feel free to contact me with info on this style truck, including any info on the "Perfection Steel Body Company" formerly out of Galion, Ohio (new I.D. plates for the bed would be a nice touch).

           More pics to follow.


Rick Schultz

           Rick - Gotta love those big old dump trucks! ~~ Curator


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