Greg and Ryan Schuette's

1940 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickup

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08 May 2006
# 1516

From Greg:

         I just got done with restoring everything as far as the running gear goes on my 1940 1/2-ton truck. My son and I dropped the engine in and fired it up. We jacked the back end up off the ground and ran it thru all the gears. Everything seemed to be going alright, when we saw some oil dripping from under the clutch cover on the back side of the engine. I shut the engine off and the oil ran out of the same place for a little bit, then dripped and stopped.

         I checked the dip stick and the level was OK. I started the engine again and the same thing happened. I am thinking that it may be the Wick at the rear bearing that is letting this oil out or do you think it is something else. If you agree, can I pull the oil pan and replace the Wick with out pulling the whole thing back apart. I am going to do some body work while we wait for your answer.

         Love The Stovebolt Page and look forward to telling you more about my son's and my restoration of this old truck Looking forward to you answer Gregory and Ryan Schuette (Dad and Son Team)


Greg and Ryan Schuette
Father and Son Team
Bolter # 10032
Rockwood, Wisconsin

         We first had contact with Greg in January and he received some good response in the forums to his question. By February, he did receive the new wick and oil pan gaskets but the weather in Wisconsin had been bitterly cold with wind chills -30 degrees and a lot of snow. In March, Greg tried again to send us some pictures but (besides the weather) they had been busy with the Volunteer Fire Department he belongs to (working on a new building and setting up a fundraiser for April). What "free time he has" he has spent on body work. For some reason, all of April - emails are hanging in cyberspace with the story and pictures. So, I thought I'd at least get the introduction in (didn't want to loose my info) .. and the rest will soon follow ... hopefully. ~~ Editor

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