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Cool Old Truck

Patric Schmid's


Chevrolet Shortbed K10

12 March  03  

From Patric 

1966 K10 Chevrolet
Shortly after I was enjoying a bit of money from a motorcycle accident insurance settlement a coworker put this truck up for sale.  It had been originally sold to a rancher in the Carson Valley where I live.  His son used to drop the x'fer case, put in a longer drive shaft and go drag racing at the local airport.  Next the truck passed through a couple of hands before it was traded in for a Harley and my coworker bought it.  Before going on the road I had to install the bed that was missing.  Once the bed box was bolted down I went to get the brakes fixed.  The shop wouldn't touch the brakes because the right front tire was about ready to fall off.  At the 4x4 shop we found the front differential seals were blown allowing the pumpkin's oil to flow out the brake drums.  To shorten the story, the only mechanicals still left from when I bought the truck are the rear end, rear driveshaft and transmission.  Everything else has been replaced or rebuilt, but it has one bodacious body for as bad as the running gear was.  Finally, the truck is back on the road serving as transport when I'm not riding motorcycles.  Its like I'm back in HS driving my 1960 C10, it was one of the rare ones with the torsion bar front end and had a seriously tweaked 265 that had been pulled from a Vette.


Patric Schmid


Curator "Patric - that truck looks pretty happy now.  If these old bolts could talk!"

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